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Søren Jensen - (3xTip) (1709–1807) Maria Pedersdatter Lasson - 8xTipoldemor (1575–1635) Theodor Kristensen - (Farfar) (1881–1958) Niels Jacobsen - 8xTipoldefar (1556–1624) Jensine Kristine Hansen (1881–1942) Søren Nielsen Jepsen - Tipoldefar (1817–1870) Niels Jacobsen - 8xTipoldefar + Maria Pedersdatter Lasson - 8xTipoldemor Kirsten Pedersdatter (1692–) Niels Hansen Helvad (1564–1634) Søren Christensen (1910–1995) Theodor Kristensen - (Farfar) + Else Marie Terkildsen - (Farmor) Karen Anina Jensen (1910–) Julie Andrea Therkildsen (1898–1970) Madsine Maren Kjerstine Eskildsen (1843–1921) Søren Olesen - Tipoldefar (1821–1891) Bertha Katrine Therkildsen (1908–1992) Ingrid Kirstine Therkildsen (1890–1913) Søren Peder Eskildsen (1911–) Ane Kirstine Hansen (1879–) Andreas Marius Eskildsen - Bedstefar (1882–1951) Ane Methea Hansen - bedstemor (1884–1971) Niels Gregersen - (5xTip) + Maren Jebsdatter - 5 x tip Peder Jacob Hansen - Oldefar (1852–1920) Hans Hansen (1725–1787) Laura Andrea Hansen (1882–1971) Christen Eskesen - (5xTip) (1690–1760) Dorthea Sørensen (1846–1925)